Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is "PuzzleShow!"?

    PuzzleShow! is a free online puzzle making system that turns regular photographs/images into puzzles - "online jigsaw puzzles" and "online slider puzzles".

    The source files can be "jpg", "gif" or "png" files.

    Once logged into the site, users can upload their files.Typical photographs work fine. Ideal image size is 1600px (width) by 1000px (height), but the system will automatically resize images to something usable, so just upload what you want to share and see how it looks. Users may delete/change their puzzle files at any time.

    After one of the "Puzzle Masters" approves the images (and extra info), they are published into one of the puzzle categories. The puzzles can then be searched for by title or username. They may also be emailed to friends, commented on, and rated.

    PuzzleShow! reserves the right to edit/remove any content (, without notice) which is found to be unsuitable.

    Happy Puzzling,
    The PuzzleShow! Team

  • How do I add a puzzle?

    Once you're registered on the website, click on the menu at the right of the page - "Add Photo/Puzzle". A requester will appear which allows you to search your local hard drive for pictures. Photos can be up to 8MB in size. PuzzleShow! will automatically resize them. Larger, higher quality images give better results.

    Filetypes: jpeg, jpg, gif, png

  • What type of pictures make the best puzzles?

    PuzzleShow! works with jpg, gif, and png files.

    In most cases you can just upload your picture and let the "puzzle maker" do all the work.

    It appears that the best file size is 1600px wide by 1000px tall at 72dpi. You don't really need to worry to much about it though.

    One option would be to just go ahead and upload your picture and see how things work out. You can always delete it and try again.

    Images which are smaller make smaller puzzles. If your image is too small, the puzzle maker may choose not to display it.

  • How many puzzles can I add?

    Currently you may add up to 10 photos. You may delete and replace photos as desired.

  • How do I delete one of my puzzles?

    PuzzleShow! keeps track of your puzzles. Once you've added one or more puzzles, you can go to the Image Management page and delete a puzzle at any time. Click on the "X" next to an image name to delete it (and the associated puzzle).

  • Since the puzzles default to 42 pieces, why are they rated as "easy", "medium", and "difficult"? Can't the puzzle player change the difficulty?

    You're right! The puzzle player actually controls the difficulty of the puzzle (in part), by setting the piece quantity. The pattern/design of a puzzle also effects it's level of difficulty.

    The rating is based on the design. If a puzzle has a repeating pattern it can make it more difficult. To rate the puzzles, we simply imagine the picture as a 100 piece puzzle, and rate it's level of difficulty based on that.

    Puzzles with non-repeating, easily distinguished areas is rated as "easy".
    Puzzles with some repetition of colors or patterns are rated as "medium".
    Puzzles with a high repetition of colors or patterns are rated as "difficult".

  • Are all the puzzles rated?

    The puzzles have not all been rated regarding their level of difficulty.

  • Where are the instructions for playing the puzzles?

    There are some helpful tips placed on the screen when the pause button is clicked, but PuzzleShow! is fairly intuitive, and nothing can be harmed by trying the various settings. Experimenting is recommended.

  • How do I change my profile picture (avatar)?

    Once you're logged in, click on the "Account" link at the top of the page. You'll see a green menu bar. Under "Profile" is the option to "Change Profile Picture". Click that and on the next screen upload a picture.

  • How can I be a "Featured Member"?

    We frequently choose a member and feature their puzzles. The featured page typically includes a bio about them, info about their puzzles, and (if desired) a link to their website.

    Want to be featured? Upload 12 "approved" puzzle images, and request to be a "featured member" through our contact form.
    Include a breif bio, breif info about the puzzles you've posted, and a web address (optional).

  • There aren't enough pieces for this puzzle...

    Although not a frequently asked question...

    It should be noted that to the best of our knowledge PuzzleShow! puzzles have NO MISSING PIECES - Remarkable isn't it!

    But, I did receive a message today letting me know that the "Space Truckin' " puzzle might be short a few. The message included a screen capture...

    not enough pieces-puzzle

    As some of you will see right off, a minor few adjustments is all that's needed...

    not enough pieces-puzzle 02

    To acheive this...

    not enough pieces-puzzle3

    It should be noted, that when solved, a puzzle will not be connected at all the borders of the "box"...

    not enough pieces-puzzle4


    Should you actually find yourself "missing pieces", we recommend trying the cheat buttons under the puzzle - "solve" and "hint".